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We now offer our services in 4 locations!

About Us


Professional Ear Care by trained and experienced Ear Nurse Specialists.


Northland Ear Care was established in January 2016 by owner/operator Theresa Leslie. Theresa has considerable experience in ear care. She was trained by the Ear Nurse Specialist Group Aotearoa with ongoing support from the local Ear Nose and Throat Consultants in Northland.


Theresa worked in the Mobile Ear clinic in Northland for 7 years before taking up the role of Clinical Nurse Specialist at Whangarei Hospital, where she ran nurse led clinics for ear care for the past 15 years.


The company offers professional ear cleaning using microsuction, advice about treatment and prevention of ear conditions and referral on to further services if required. Microsuction is considered the safest way to remove ear wax and other debris within the ear canal.


Northland Ear Care is a registered provider for ACC and Veterans Affairs.


Theresa and Marg are members of the Ear Nurse Specialist Aotearoa Group, and the Clinical Nurse Specialist Group New Zealand. As part of the Ear Nurse Group they provide ongoing nurse mentorship to junior nurses and are working with a committee to formalise a training program with the Open Polytechnic of NZ for all nurses


Please Note: The Ear Nurse Specialist Group supports the view of safe practice for aural procedures. Otology is a specialty area of nursing requiring credentialled expertise. 




Theresa is an experienced Clinical Nurse Specialist. She started working in Ear Care with the children’s mobile ear clinic service, covering an area from Kaiwaka to Kawakawa and children from 0 to 18 years. Theresa worked with this service for 7 years before moving to the role of ENT Clinical Nurse Specialist at the ENT Department at Whangarei Hospital. Here she runs nurse led clinics and coordinates much of the running of the Department. She has been in this role for the last 14 years and this has given broad knowledge of ENT conditions and appropriate referral pathways.

Theresa's son Cameron Leslie was presented with a gold medal at the Rio Paralympics. Also a gold at Beijin, London and Rio along with world records - so Theresa is one proud mum!



Marg Hunt is another experienced Ear Nurse Specialist working with Theresa. She has been “doing” ears since 1978 in Childrens’ Mobile Ear Clinics in the Waikato and Northland (Kawakawa to Te Hapua) region, and over the past 13 years with nurse led clinics for adults and children in the Kaitaia and Bay of Islands Hospitals.


Her training was with specialist guidance, Mr Seeley’s father (Mr Seeley Snr), in the Waikato and formalised with the Ear Nurse Specialist group in 1999. She has worked closely with the ENT and Audioogy teams of Northland DHB, which has given her a wide understanding of ear conditions and associated conditions.


Marg is currently treasurer of the Ear Nurse Specialist Group NZ

Meet the team


Microsuction - Ear Wax Removal


Microsuction is when we use a microscope to visualise the ear canal and tympanic membrane and with the use of instruments, or suction, remove the wax. This requires knowledge and expertise to be carried out safely, and should only be carried out by a suitably trained and qualified nurse or doctor.


The Ear Canal is the passage that extends from your ear down to your ear drum (approx 2.5cm in adults). Ear wax is a normal secretion from glands within the ear canal, combined with skin cells, dust and debris. It is made in the outer 1/3 of the ear canal and normally works its way out of the canal.

Wax only requires removal if is causing a problem e.g.

  • if ears are blocked or there is impacted wax

  • there is pain

  • Eardrum is needing to be examined.

How often should you have it done?
Each person has individual needs as they produce varying amounts and types of wax. The Ear Nurse will advise you how often you should have your ears suctioned.

All equipment is sterilized before use


If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment either give us a call (on numbers below) or click on the 'Book Now'  button at your preferred clinic to select a day and time that works for you. There will be a confirmation email come through within 10 minutes, if one doesn't arrive please contact the clinic.

We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

Which location are you looking for?


Kensington Health Hub, 8 Kensington Ave, Whangarei

Phone: 021 212 6684



Northland Ear Care, Te Ara Ora Clinic, 1526 Springbank Road, Kerikeri 0293

Phone: 021 281 8475



Russell Medical Centre, 16-18 Church Street, Russell

Phone: 021 281 8475


russell contact


St John's Ambulance, 194 Molesworth Drive, Mangawhai

Phone: 021 212 6684


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